02 May 2010

is all about trust

The past two weeks my boss, Anita, has been out of town. Since she and I are the only two staff at OCCCDA, that made me the boss. Since I had only been working for two weeks, this was quite daunting. My prayer for this time was that nothing that I couldn't handle would happen. Not that my week would be a breeze, but that I could handle whatever came my way. So, every time I was confronted with a task that seemed overwhelming, I had trust that I could handle it; because that was our deal, God's and mine.

Every Monday morning I attend a women's Bible study at Jen Leaman's house. (I lived with Jen when I worked here four years ago.) We study women in the Bible and I am really enjoying it. I am always the youngest one there and usually the only unmarried one and I feel that I am gaining a lot of wisdom from these other women. I also attend a small group every Wednesday night. I, again, am the youngest and the only unmarried member of the group. I like being a part of a group of adults and feeling like a peer (to an extent) and not just a little kid at the grown-up's table. It also just feels good to really plug in to my congregation.

Lately I've been feeling really good about being in Philadelphia. Not just in the sense that this is where God wants me to be, but in the sense that I really love this city and feel like I belong here. Like I want to settle down here for a long time.

Also, the Phillies have been whooping the Mets lately and that makes me happy and proud to be a Philadelphian.

So, in conclusion, work is hard but fulfilling, I love my congregation and being a grown-up, Philadelphia rocks and the Phillies are a spectacular team. Oh, and Chase Utley is a super-cute.

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