08 April 2010

is being sure of what we hope for

In July of 2008 I visited Oxford Circle Mennonite Church (OCMC) in Philadelphia, where I had interned two years before. While there, I felt God telling me, very clearly, that this was where God wanted me to go after graduation. Now, after nearly two years, I am finally where I was always meant to be. There were many struggles and obstacles in getting here; but, through faith, I have overcome them all to be here.

I am here to work with Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA); a non-profit that the church started the same summer I was interning. I am working as the property/office manager. Basically, I’m doing all of the clerical work that the director, Anita, doesn’t have time for. I will also be working for OCMC as Pastor Leonard’s assistant. I work two days a week. In addition to my paid work, I will also be volunteering one or two days a week; doing whatever needs done.

I’m living with an older couple from the church, Ron and Arbutus Sider. (You may have heard of Ron before.) They have graciously opened their home to me free of rent. I have felt very welcomed by them and we seem to already have a good rhythm.

We live in Germantown, which is a neighborhood on the other side of town from the church. So, my commute is a bit of a trek. I walk a little over a mile to the bus stop and then take the bus for 30-45 minutes across town and then walk a little less than a mile to the church. This takes about an hour to an hour and a half. It’s a challenge, but it gets easier every day and at least I’m getting good exercise.

Okay, hopefully next time I'll have pictures.


  1. I'm so glad you've made it to Philly, and even more glad that you're keeping a blog! May this be a wonderful experience for you, full of growth and love and sunshine (I hear it's always sunny in Philadelphia...tehehe)
    ps. I miss you!

  2. Hey thanks Brooke for keeping in touch! Wow... Ron and Arbutus Sider... that's cool. And Pastor Leonard... I'm thinking Dow, right? He was as student at Christopher Dock when my husband worked there. (Showing our age!) Anyway, what a great environment... I will think about you on the trek to and from work... Can you at least read on the bus?... and always music podcasts for the walking time.. guess you still have your Ipod? Blessings as you continue life's journey!

  3. yay! my sister is going to seminary in philly! @ philly lutheran theological seminary. and she lives on campus which i do believe is in german town. i advocate getting a bike. it will help you out on those mornings where you wake up just a few minutes later than anticipated. lol glad to see you are un-bumming yourself. its good to do things.
    xo emily hunt

  4. Love you Brooke; I am so glad you are keeping a blog. I am also very proud of you! xoxox Mom

  5. "OCCCDA" - how a Canadian who has an OCD related to repetition of the letter 'c' says "OCD".

    sorry. couldn't resist. I hope Philadelphia treats you fabulously, God bless!!