28 March 2014

My Photo Biography

While I know it might be illogical to blame the weather for my writer's block, I am utterly convinced the freezing temperatures that have persisted into Spring are the direct cause of my lack of inspiration. It's as if my creativity is a flower waiting for sunshine to bloom.

But, I still want to maintain my discipline of posting each Friday and it occurs to me that this medium is a largely disembodied one. You see my face in the sidebar and hear some of my thoughts, but there's no real biographical narrative here. And since I haven't the energy (or, arguably, the life experience) to write a memoir, I offer this mini photo biography. A highlight reel for my life, of sorts. I hope it will to help to create some more context for my writing.

Ohio, 1989


Visiting my sister in San Francisco, 2002

Beach trip while doing Oregon Extension, 2005

My sister's wedding, 2007

The last time I saw my father, 2008

Goshen College Graduation, 2009

Maccu Piccu, Peru, 2009

Philadelphia, 2011

The whole family, 2013

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